Sam ❤ Joseph | Wedding

Sam & Joe are such an amazing couple! They are super cheerful, great people, funny and were such a pleasure to capture on their wedding day. Both of their families were a delight and incredibly nice. I wish them both a lifetime of happiness! Here are my faves from Sam & Joe's wedding!

A Little Self Reflection...

It's not even the end of the year yet, and it has already been a whirl-wind for me! From buying my first home, saying goodbye to old, cherished friends, moving my parents to Florida and saying hello to new adventures, this has been quite the year already! This has been my busiest and greatest year in terms of my professional career in my day job as well as in my professional photography career. 

My wedding season this year started in May and it seems to have gone non-stop. For the first time in 4 years since I started, I've had multiple weddings every month from May to December. I even just booked a wedding for January 2nd of 2015! That will be my first January wedding and I am STOKED! Excited to shoot in the winter, and although I know I will most likely be dreading the snow, I hope it is a beautiful, white and snowy wedding :)

Most of you know,  I am an interactive designer by day and photographer by night- that is what I live by and for. Professionally, it has been my greatest year yet in terms of accomplishments. I was promoted to Lead UI/UX designer at work. This has also been the best year in terms of number of weddings in my photography career.  A few weddings from the past year were published for the first time this year in a local magazine and I'm even more so excited for what's to come still! 

In the midst of the busy-ness, I have actually needed to stop and truly reflect on this past year, the good, the bad and what I've learned. As photographers, I think we all reach a point where we get so busy in the middle of all the shooting and editing, that it becomes difficult to forget the reason we started to photograph in the first place. There have been times where I have definitely felt a little lost this past year, but what keeps me going and keeps me strong are the comments, messages and emails I receive from my clients and friends. The ability to capture these moments that will last a lifetime, is in itself life-changing for me. There are moments at the end of a wedding day, every time, where I look back and I think to myself, I could've done much more, I should've done this and should've done that….and then I go through the photos the next day and begin the editing process and tend to surprise myself. Through all those photos, I find that at every wedding, my goal is to do something I haven't done before, something I haven't captured before and something unique to last a lifetime. Every wedding I photograph, I find those few noteworthy photos that make me smile and just bring joy to my heart and remind me why I continue to capture photographs. Knowing that what I love to do can be a treasured moment, captured in time and cherished by others, is more than I could ever ask for and something I am thankful for everyday. I'm glad I continue to follow my heart, follow my dreams and keep going :)

I leave you with this image below from the last wedding I shot last weekend. It was the first time trying something different with a prism-what cool effects it makes!!

And I also leave you with this quote from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:

"It's the possibility of having a dream that makes life interesting." 

Christina & John | Wedding

Hello world!

My blogposts are a little bit overdue, but it has been an insanely busy wedding season and my personal life has also been a bit crazy as well! 

Here are a few special highlights from Christina & John's beautiful wedding! It was an amazing May day, beautiful weather, charming details, amazingly beautiful bride and handsome groom! This was also the first time at a wedding where I was able to shoot with two assistants, and I am so amazed at the results! It was just incredible to be able to have Christina & John's  first kiss as man and wife from three different angles! Thanks to Melanie Klei of Melanie Christine Photography and Carrie Olsen of Caroline Olsen Photography and their hard work and creative minds! A few of the shots below are captured by them! Enjoy and leave this adorable couple some love :)

Marisa | Senior Session

I'm so ecstatic to finally share Marisa's senior session with you guys! The past few months, I've taken on more senior sessions than I have before and haven't posted too many since I regularly just shoot events and weddings, but I absolutely had to share Marisa's shoot!

This pretty young lady has such a positive attitude and is so charming! She is so excited to be attending U of M next year to study biology (GO BLUE!). Not only is she beautiful, she's amazingly smart as well! We had a ton of fun capturing all her different interests from being in school plays, tap dancing, to volleyball and softball! Enjoy :)

Megan & Will | E-session in Detroit!

Here's peek at these two high school sweethearts! We wound up choosing the coolest day possible in May for their e-session! I'm not sure how Megan pulled through and strayed strong with her short dress and light cardigan through the windy evening, but I'm so glad she did!

Megan and Will told me that their goal was to have one good photo out of the session...I'm pretty sure we achieved much more than that! ;) 

I am just as pumped as they are about their upcoming Traverse City wedding next month! Stay tuned for a few peeks from their beautiful day!